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Child & Family Yoga


Rainbow Yoga

Our Rainbow Yoga service is a great way for children and families to get all the benefits of yoga in a fun and imaginative way. 


At TCT we are lucky to have a dedicated yoga teacher, Emily Joy, who runs the specialist Rainbow Yoga service. Instead of pose after pose Emily will guide you through a fun session using imagination, games and props to make the experience fun and interactive for all ages who attend whatever their level of ability or mobility.

Yoga is a fantastic tool to teach children about their mind, their emotions, and their bodies.  It helps children to deal with stress, increases their ability to focus, concentrate and regulate their moods. 


Rainbow yoga can also teach many life lessons such as kindness, friendship, resilience, confidence, equality, self-expression, and much more.

Full details of the service, plus more about Emily's training and experience, are outlined in the brochure below. 

How is the service offered?

The Rainbow Yoga service is available both at the TCT clinic and as one-to-one home visits.

Along with one-to-one sessions, Emily offers family group yoga so parents and carers can join in the fun. Yoga is a great activity for families to do together. Not only will your children love to do yoga with you, but there are many benefits to be gained from yoga for families. 


You can find more about the many physical and mental health benefits yoga offers children and families in this TCT blog here.

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