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Specialist Paediatric Physiotherapy

Our team of specialist paediatric chartered physiotherapists are experienced, friendly and approachable.  They have built up lots of experience over the years and are all dedicated to, and enjoy working with children, young people and their families.


Working as part of a team or supporting families on a 1:1 basis, they support those aged 0-18, sometimes working with them into their early 20s if they are known to us.  Our sessions are safe, fun, targeted and effective, helping children to move better and achieve more.

A flyer outlining full details of our paediatric physiotherapy service is available below. 

Neuro Developmental

Our team are specialists in supporting children and young people with long-term conditions such as cerebral palsy.  We offer a flexible approach to suit each child and family, and the continuity of the same physio as your child grows and develops. We work at home, at the clinic and at school to ensure a wrap-around approach.

Paediatric Musculo-Skeletal and Sports Injury 

Our physios have a vast knowledge of paediatric specific conditions and injuries. A child is not a small adult and so having a physio who is a specialist in this area is key to a safe and successful outcome.  They ensure that the right treatment is delivered in the right way and at the right time.


All our team has years of experience working with children who have been to the USA and here in the UK.  They work closely with the child and family in the decision-making process, in the run-up to the operation with prehab and preparation of child and family, and then after with the intensive rehab.  The remit for this rehabilitation is huge but they take care to not only strengthen and condition the children but also work hard to ensure that they build good foundations for the best movement patterns.  They have a network of professionals that they bring in to work alongside such as orthotists, podiatrists and the team at Odstock Medical with FES when indicated.  Sessions are always fun and supportive, and based on the ‘just right’ challenge as success is key for confidence. Please find full details of our dedicated SDR service here.


Movement matters to children's wellbeing and development. Storycises has been created by two of TCT's specialist paediatric physiotherapists, Wendy Joy and Jane Reynolds, whose aim in life is to get all children to enjoy being active and experimenting with movement whilst having fun!

The pair are passionate about coming up with fun ideas to get children active and experimenting with movement, so created Storycises™, an innovative way to combine movement and stories. 

Storycises incorporates the practice of targeted foundation motor skills into a child’s everyday life through fun, interactive action stories and activities. The programme, plus accompanying series of action storybooks and educational resources, support children to gain the foundation movement skills needed to find independence and success in and beyond the classroom.

The series has been created and developed following conversations and requests from colleagues and professionals that Wendy and Jane have met throughout our careers. 

Storycises can be used by anyone and no training is needed. For example, early years settings, schools, parents, libraries, physios, OTs, portage workers, children's centres and health visitors. All Storycises resources are inclusive - children are encouraged to go at their own speed and experiment as they go. 

To enquire about the programme, and/or buy Storycises resources, get in touch.

Early Intervention

It is well-known that the best results are gained when intervention is well-timed and early.  This proactive service is designed for the under 5s and our physios will work with you to help your child get the prompt help they need as quickly as possible for the best outcome moving forwards.

Developmental Coordination Disorder

Our team will take a holistic approach to the assessment and treatment of your child and will take time to find out why they are finding skills for function, school or sport difficult.  They will work with you and your child, and often the school, to find a way for your child to achieve their goals.  We are able to use standardised (formal) assessments as well as observational skills to create a bespoke programme to address difficulties.

Hypermobility Package for the Under 5’s

Children who are described as hypermobile, are generally a bit more ‘bendy’ and have a greater range of movement in their joints than their peers. There are often other family members with bendy joints or what is sometimes called ‘double jointed’ joints. It is not something to be afraid of or worried about.

The best bit of news is there is a lot you can do to help and support your little one. For more information or a bespoke package for your little one we can offer our Hypermobility Package for the Under 5’s. Please see  full details outlined in the service flyer available to download here.

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