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Music Therapy

Our music therapy service at TCT is tailored to meet the needs and abilities of the child or young person using live music and songs.  Active music-making will be at their pace and draws on what they can do. Family members are also supported to share in this musical journey. We can advise on ways of developing music-making in different settings for example or recommend instruments. 

The soothing properties of music are well-recognised and in more recent times, studies have proven the beneficial effects of music in alleviating symptoms in a wide variety of clinical and psychological conditions.

Working through music can be beneficial in so many ways - it can support interaction, use of voice, physical skills as well as self-expression, creativity and emotional well-being.

Children and parents do not need any musical skills to participate in music therapy. Our music therapist follows the child’s lead as much as possible, giving them a sense of creativity and engagement in a place where so much is out of their control.

At TCT we are lucky to have a dedicated clinician who runs the specialist music therapy service.  Rachel Crennell has worked for over 25 years as a registered music therapist. She is a member of the British Association for Music Therapy and state registered with the Health and Care Professions Council. Rachel plays the flute and piano. While it is a small service, Rachel's passion and extensive expertise see that music therapy is a valuable addition to the children and families TCT supports. Please find full details of her background here

Music therapy is available in person at our clinic, and availability permitting, at home, in educational settings or outside. These sessions can be solely music therapy or joint appointments with other therapists.


We also offer effective ways to work together remotely. With this option, you can even ‘invite’ family members living elsewhere to join in on a virtual session too and be part of the musical experience.

A flyer outlining full details of the music therapy service is available below.

Song Work

Using familiar songs can encourage joining in with singing/vocalising and supporting sustaining voice.


Session content can include practicing vocalising to a beat or pitch to support flow/phrasing or working with vocal turn-taking/vocal exchanges to build interaction.

Connected Musical Listening

This is designed to help with relaxation and mood-setting, it is well suited to supporting emotional wellbeing.


The therapist will also listen to and observe your child's movements and breath so that they link, and become connected and part of the sound and music around them.

Music & Movement

These sessions use action songs to support and encourage movement.


A live musical accompaniment can also help with motor planning, control, directional movement, encouraging range, co-ordination, fluency, grading and tone changes.

Bespoke Recordings

Personalised recordings created by our music therapist can be used to support activities at home and enhance your child’s physical and emotional well-being.


Alternatively, they provide music to use in conjunction with therapy your child is doing in their speech and language therapy, occupational therapy or physiotherapy.


Having a tailormade resource allows you to access music created specifically to match your child’s abilities, preferences and goals.

Services offered

Read about magical music therapist!

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