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SDR Therapy

We are proud to offer specialist SDR therapy for children with cerebral palsy. At TCT we can offer both pre-hab and re-hab SDR therapy supporting families both before and after their surgery.


Our SDR Therapy team are highly specialist paediatric physiotherapists all of whom have extensive experience in working with a range of children who have cerebral palsy. We concentrate on developing high-quality movement patterns as children work through their strength and conditioning programmes.

Selective dorsal rhizotomy (SDR) is an operation used to reduce spasticity (muscle stiffness) in cerebral palsy. The surgery is a big commitment for all those involved, so we will ensure therapy sessions are as enjoyable as possible for children while providing support to other family members during this intense time.

We work closely with families to come up with a therapy plan that works best for each child, based on a family’s resources, needs and unique circumstances.


Prehabilitation works well for many reasons some of which include:

  • Helping to support and prepare the child and their family physically, mentally and emotionally for surgery.

  • It starts to prepare the child and family for the intensity of input required post-operatively.

  • It builds relationships prior to surgery, seeing the team are one less 'unknown' post-op.

  • It allows the physio(s) to understand a child's likes /dislikes, personality and thresholds.

  • The physio(s) can see the physical profile of the child pre-operatively which is then very helpful for working together following surgery.

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We work hard to include as many positive factors as possible to provide a supportive and encouraging rehabilitation process.

Our SDR rehabilitation service offers:

  • Timings to suit busy family lives.

  • Flexibility in appointment locations.

  • Fun sessions based around play.

  • Strength and repetition at the heart of input while remaining mindful of establishing good patterns of movement.

  • Excellent communication with other healthcare professionals and the family.

  • Continuity of therapists to build rapport with children and the family.

  • Plentiful ideas plus a wide range of specialist resources and equipment to prevent boredom during sessions.

  • The ability to film sessions to monitor progress and share with the wider medical team involved.

Our SDR Service

Useful Links

Below are hospitals offering SDR surgery or organisations providing information and support.

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