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We are fortunate to hear some lovely feedback about our practice and the TCT team. Below are a few of the comments.

Image by Rod Long

"Incredibly supportive, approachable, warm and genuine."

"I am completely confident that Cathy is doing everything that she can to help X be a much happier, content and confident boy. She has been particularly effective at supporting the school to challenge some of their thinking and change the way they manage his behaviour, and the change in X (and the school) in the last few months is

"Her personality and approach was really great from the first meeting. We knew we had
made the right choice to use her services. She was very matter of fact, honest and nonpatronising’’.

"Just thank you very much, very happy we found you and you play a part in (X)’s life. Everything has been positive, thank you. A particular highlight though has been the tea parties he has attended. The only time we have ever been able to leave him somewhere other than school to socialise."

"The  way the staff were with my son was very positive and caring."


"We chose TCT originally for hydrotherapy, now we continue to choose TCT for their professionalism, communication between therapists and dedication."


"All the therapists go above and beyond to help the family with their goals."


"Honestly not sure where to start, everyone who we have come in contact with has made a positive impact on our son's life, in particular (X) who is a hero in our household."


"Professional but very friendly, which immediately makes me feel at ease.  They listen and present a genuine interest in my child, respecting my concerns and my knowledge of my child."


"Reasonable fees which appear inline or much less than other services on offer.  Therapists appear to do everything they possibly can to support your child without extra fees."


"Made to feel valued as a parent that has the best knowledge of their child’s difficulties, strengths and behaviours."


"Beyond my expectations! "

"Professional and very experienced therapists."


"Good therapy provision, excellent report writing and good communication skills.."


"When I was a stroppy teenager, you were still able to make physio fun as well as helping me to understand why they were so important. That lesson will never leave me."


 "(X) clearly enjoys his sessions which is an added bonus!"


 Feedback from local schools


"Lovely friendly staff and a great service that provides all-round advice/professionals etc."


"This is the only service provider we know that offers these services, so we are unable to compare prices other than EP which is comparable to the council. The quality of the reports is excellent and aids our SEN children’s development enormously through the EHCP route."


"Multi therapists working together on the same case produce insightful reports which aids family and pupil concerned. Holistic approach."


"Physio/OT/SALT/SEMH – input received was very detailed and absolutely value for money.  All more than happy to provide clarification/further thoughts on reports."


"Thank you for everything, it is great working with you all!"

"Always willing to help/accommodate what we need as a school."


"Amazing, friendly professionals as part of the team."


"Twilight workshops and inset training have been well received."


"Quick turnaround time for reports."

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