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Co-ordination (Dyspraxia)

Our very successful and popular Developmental Co-ordination Assessments (DCD - also known as Dyspraxia) Assessments have been designed to identify and support children and young people when they have difficulties in any area of their development.


The team consists of very experienced paediatric Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists who will view your child as a whole and give an overview of their development. The team will be looking for any immature, patchy or missing foundation motor skills and the reasons behind them.

We describe it like a game of Jenga, if the bottom rows of bricks are not securely in place, it makes it difficult to then build up more complex skills. Often, we will see young people who have ‘coped or managed’ until a certain transition. However, when more is expected of them, and their strategies are then ‘not enough’ to mask difficulties, challenges may become more noticeable.

The therapists provide both standardised (scored) assessments, along with observations based on years of experience. The therapists will be looking for signs of any DCD (Dyspraxia). They will then advise and make recommendations based on their findings.

Please find the full details of our DCD (Dyspraxia) Assessments service in the brochure available to download.

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