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🎄⭐A Christmas Action Poem ❄️☃️

As the magical Christmas countdown begins, eager children are anticipating the grand arrival of none other than Santa Claus himself. While the excitement builds for the much-awaited day, we've put together a fun festive solution to keep the little ones entertained in the interim – introducing our enchanting Christmas Action Poem!

Immerse yourselves in the Christmas spirit and get those little bodies moving. Channel your inner polar bear and crawl with frosty determination, soar through the skies like Santa's trusty reindeer, warm up with Christmas star jumps, take on the role of Santa himself and deliver presents all while celebrating the magic of Christmas through playful movements.

Whether you're wriggling like an elf or settling in for a snug rest on the night before Christmas, our poem promises plenty of festive moves. But that's not all! We're keeping some of the surprise elements under wraps because, after all, Christmas is about the joy of surprises.

Our thanks to Storycises for the poem. Here at Total Children's Therapy, two of our specialist paediatric physiotherapists lead a double life! As well as working as part of the TCT team, Wendy Joy and Jane Reynolds are known as the Storycises Physios. The pair are passionate about coming up with fun ideas to get children active and experimenting with movement, so created Storycises™, an innovative way to combine movement and stories. Wendy and Jane know it is also good for families to have lots of ideas on how to entertain children during the Christmas holidays!

Simply download our complete Christmas Action Poem using the provided links. Whether you prefer a lively video featuring some movement or a downloadable PDF, we've got you covered.

A Christmas Action Poem from TCT
Download PDF • 13.23MB
A Christmas Action Poem from TCT
Download ZIP • 10.71MB

Don't miss out on the festive fun! Click the links above to access the full Christmas Action Poem. Wishing you all a truly merry Christmas and sending our best wishes for a fantastic 2024! 🎄🌟

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