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Halloween Fun to Keep Kids Moving!

Children adore Halloween. And what’s not to love? There's the fun dressing up, spooky decorations, pumpkin carving, the Trick and Treating... usually plenty of sweet Treats... But Halloween is also the perfect time for kids to be active.

Over the course of next week, we will be sharing lots of ideas for Half Term Halloween fun and games giving easy ways to sneak in motor skills practice without your children knowing about it!

TCT is where you will find two of our physios who lead a double life!! As well as working as part of the TCT team, Wendy Joy and Jane Reynolds are known as the Storycises Physios.

They are committed to sharing their fun ideas and getting children active and experimenting with movement, so created Storycises™, an innovative way to combine movement and stories.

Along with producing a range of interactive resources, Wendy and Jane also help a variety of people from educational settings, libraries and even local visitor attractions with programmes to get all children to enjoy experimenting with movement whilst having fun!

The days are getting shorter, but that doesn’t mean play has to end early!

During the spooky season, the Storycises Physios will give lots of fun ways to get all the family moving so look out for those on the TCT blog next week!

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