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Our Magic Music Therapist!

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

At TCT, we are lucky enough to work with the clever and talented Rachel Crennell.

Creative and therapeutic

Her creative, therapeutic and innovative approach to music-making be it with instruments, voices or anything that can produce a sound- is such fun to behold and be involved with!

Not only is Rachel a talented musician herself but she has the lovely gift and ability to see musicality in others, even when they don’t know it’s there!

The way that she shares the wonderful world of music with the families she works with is not only inspiring but is also fascinating to watch.

Rachel works by herself at times, but also with other therapists at TCT, for example, the physios always love a ‘music and movement’ session with Rachel!

Magic weaver!

Rachel has the ability to draw in children, young people and families into music-making in such a clever and subtle way. She uses a mix of both traditional instruments, modern instruments and technology to weave her magic into the sessions.

Rachel’s approach to the way she works is always evolving. During the pandemic instead of worrying about what she was unable to do, she explored and taught herself new and exciting ways of working, and now she is back to face-to-face sessions, which she uses to complement her work.

Rachel is generous with her musical magic and is always happy to share and empower the families she works with, we would love to give her a shout out and say


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