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School Readiness for Children

Starting school is always such an exciting time for children and as adults around them we can help make it a positive and happy time.

By starting a bit of preparation between now and September it will help make starting school an easier process for everyone involved.

There are lots of simple ideas and methods to help with independence skills in readiness for the school day.

  • Practice big motor skills – make obstacle courses - practice shapes and numbers and letters with paintbrushes with water on walls, fences and paving slabs.

  • Practicing getting coats on - google the ‘coat flip trick’ – use a toggle to make zips easier to pull up/down.

  • Help your child use their words try the ‘W’ questions when you are out and about or looking at books together - what, who, why, where, when?

  • Toileting – use wet toilet wipes (like Kandoo) at home to get used to where to wipe.

  • Using positive language and encouragement around starting school.

  • Practice putting shoes and socks on and off. Use the sticker technique to help get shoes on the right way round (a sticker cut in half and stuck on the inside of the shoe).

  • Help your child be resilient - use terms like ‘being brave’ and ‘trying again’ and ‘its ok to make mistakes’.

  • Try not to organise too many after school activities for the first term until your child has got used to school days.

  • Try not to say ‘I’m going to miss you so much – replace it with ‘I know you will have a lovely day’.

  • When they start school don’t bombard your little ones with questions use phrases like ‘I wonder if …. ‘or tell them a little about your day first.

The TCT team were invited to a school readiness evening last week at Courthill School hosted by Courthill Infants , Lilliput Infants and Bournemouth Collegiate Prep. They gave out some lovely advice and information like this ‘The Road to School tracker’.

You can also find lots of useful advice and tips on supporting children in their transition into school in the 'Making a Great Start' presentation available to download here.

We have also gathered some other information for you below. Please take a look and have fun!

Understanding the World Ideas
Download PDF • 187KB
Rhyme and Alliteration Ideas
Download PDF • 2.26MB
Maths Activities
Download PDF • 252KB
Pre writing shapes
Download PDF • 45KB
15 Holiday Ideas from TCT
Download PDF • 90KB

You can find more on TCT's Educational Development services for parents using the link below.

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