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Who Said You Can’t Play Ball Games Inside?

So, we all know it’s been quite wet recently, and that this can affect getting outside to play.

Wrapping up and jumping in puddles is fun, but some other forms of ‘fun and games’ are not so easy in the wet weather. Take for example ball games.

Did you know however, that there are lots of ways that you can practice ball games inside? Our TCT therapy team is always brimming with ideas of how to practice skills and make things fun.

Here are just a few ideas from the physio team, about games that can be played inside, that work on ball skill acquisition.

Ball skills form the basis for other skills too, like reading and writing, as they rely on many of the same foundation motor skills.

So, it’s a winner all round - not only is it a fun way to spend a rainy day, but ball skills can be improved, along with some of the skills that enhance learning.

Remember practice makes perfect!! Have fun!!!

1. Target practice - Roll up your socks and aim for the laundry basket! Practice aiming from different directions and from different distances away! Or you can use scrunched up rubbish/paper balls and aim for the bin. Practice using different sized rubbish/paper balls and from different distances away!

2. Keepy uppy - try playing ‘keepy uppy’ with a balloon.

3. Skittles - Use a sponge football and play skittles – you can use empty bottles, pringle tubes or cardboard toilet rolls. You can always decorate them or put some stickers on, to make then more colourful.

4. Wall ball - Using a 1 or 2 small foam or sponge balls (with a little bit of bounce) – learn and practice some ‘rebound against the wall’ rhymes/songs.

5. Hand Tennis – all you need is a hand and a balloon. If playing by yourself use a wall for the balloon to rebound off or find someone else to play with – you can always use a line or table as the ‘net’.

6. Sitting or kneeling volleyball - a game for 2 or 4 people - choose a sitting or kneeling position – use some chairs as the net -and see how many hits over the net you can get before the balloon touches the floor.

7. Make a shield bat from a cardboard cereal packet - use a dinner plate to cut a circle, then cuts a strip to act as a handle and stick this in the centre at the back. Decorate the front and you have a shield bat. Ask someone to bowl the paper ball to you and you can push the shield forwards to fire the ball into the air. You can play with a balloon, or a scrunched paper ball.

8. Reaction fun - Find a tube, maybe from some wrapping paper and use a couple of ping pong balls or marbles. One person drops the ball down the tube and the other has to show quick reactions and catch it– then swap over. You can start by saying 1,2,3 go and then try with no instructions!

9. Bean bag aiming – use or make some coloured bean bags (little plastic bags firmly sealed or knotted with some rice or lentils inside, work well) – mark one of the bags with a colour or something that makes it stand out. Place it on the floor and walk 5 big steps away. Now using the rest of the bean bags see how close you can get to the target. This can be played by yourself or with someone else.

10. Drop and catch - Find some feathers on a scavenger hunt or make some ‘tissue paper twists’ and using a little net or sieve. Kneel on the floor ready to catch, ask someone to drop the feathers or twists one by one for you to catch.

11. Crab football with a balloon – sit on the floor, place your hands (palms down) on the floor and lift up your bottom. Now scuttle around after the balloon and see how many goals you can score. Remember only your foot can touch the balloon.

12. Marbles - another easy and fun way to practice ball skills.


Compiled by TCT's Specialist Paediatric Physiotherapy Team. You can find more details about the services the Physio team offer using the link below.

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