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Toto the Totally Wonderful TCT Mascot!

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

Toto joined the TCT team during the Pandemic when we were finding it a little more difficult to offer the extra treats and events that we have offered in the past.

He carries out a very special role, helping us in lots of different ways. As a very caring and friendly panda, Toto will:

  • Be aware of any brave children who have been in hospital or have been very poorly

  • Listen out for any especially kind things our children may do

  • Enjoy hearing about any special events from our children

  • Love to celebrate with our families when something special or momentous is achieved

  • Send a little’ video message’ for a very special occasion

  • Help support the TCT team in any way he can.

Toto will sometimes send messages to the children, or award certificates or stickers. There may even be some very special times that a ‘mini Toto’ is sent in the post.

Toto will also attend any events that we run and will occasionally visit clinic - but only if everyone knows about it – Toto wouldn’t arrive unannounced!

Toto loves to hear from TCT families and if anyone wants to send him a message or a drawing or tell him about something awesome you have done then he will be very happy to hear from you!!

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